Advancing the New Machine: A Conference on Human Rights and Technology

In 2009, the Human Rights Center hosted "Soul of the New Machine: Human Rights, Technology, and New Media", a conference focused on two areas of justice and human rights work: 1) evidence gathering and documentation and 2) advocacy and outreach.

The conference covered a number of interesting topics, including the use of GPS, databases, animation, forensic investigations, social networking, and mobile technology. All plenaries were recorded and are available on the conference website.

Two years later, much progress in the practice and implementation of human rights and technology projects call for a new opportunity to share experiences, best practices, and lessons learned from deploying technology in the field. Building on the success of the 2009 conference, Advancing the New Machine: Human Rights and Technology will convene human rights practitioners and technologists to discuss the progress, successes, and challenges that have emerged.

When: April 26th and 27th, 2011
Where: David Brower Center, downtown Berkeley
Registration: Click here to register

Lead Sponsor

MacArthur Foundation


Program on Liberation Technology, Stanford University

I-School HHI Payson BCNM CMU

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